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Services: SSD VPS, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Cloud VPS Hosting
Server Locations: United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia
Payment Methods: CreditCard (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover), BitCoin, PayPal
Reliability: 9 / 10
Pricing: 9 / 10
User Friendly: 9 / 10
Features: 8 / 10
Support: 8 / 10
Website: VPSServer

VPSServer (VPSServer.com) is one of the fastest cloud VPS Hosting Provider, owned by Global Cloud Infrastructure LLC (United States) and Global Cloud Infrastructure Ltd (Gibraltar). Its offers a scalable and managed Cloud Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is available in multiple VPS Server locations worldwide.

VPSServer focused on performance and redundancy. The VPS Servers are amazingly fast with native NVMe SSD for high performance, it is about 5 times faster than regular SSD. Fast reliable 40Gbit network with high-end Intel processors. Pure high availability cloud servers.

VPSServer Services:

VPS Hosting

VPSServer – Premium VPS
Plan Name Storage Bandwidth CPU Cores RAM
1 25 GB 1 TB 1 CPU Core 1 GB
2 50 GB 2 TB 2 CPU Cores 2 GB
3 75 GB 3 TB 2 CPU Cores 3 GB
4 100 GB 4 TB 3 CPU Cores 4 GB
5 150 GB 5 TB 4 CPU Cores 6 GB
6 200 GB 6 TB 6 CPU Cores 8 GB
VPSServer – Large VPS
Plan Name Storage Bandwidth CPU Cores RAM
1 400 GB 7 TB 8 CPU Cores 16 GB
2 600 GB 8 TB 10 CPU Cores 24 GB
3 800 GB 9 TB 12 CPU Cores 32 GB
4 1600 GB 10 TB 20 CPU Cores 64 GB
5 2400 GB 11 TB 24 CPU Cores 96 GB
6 4800 GB 12 TB 32 CPU Cores 192 GB

VPSServer’s Premium VPS and Large VPS plans have the same features, the different is the server resources. It is a type of Self Managed Virtual Private Server Hosting. Managed VPS is also available with additional cost. Perfect for high performance workloads, such as server application server, virtualization, Desktop virtualization, high performance databases and cloud computing.

With Full root access, you can choose Windows or Linux operating system for your VPS Servers and use our High-performance Cloud. The control panel is built to simplify administrative tasks and providing many features actions such as starting, rebooting, and shutting down a VPS.

VPSServer VPS Hosting include SSD VPS, Live Backups, Flexible Billing, 24/7 online, Easy and fast firewall setup, high security and protection to give you the best available virtual server on the market.

VPSServer created the next level performance Windows and Linux VPS Hosting. It is a Cloud computing for developers, innovative startups, businesses and many more. They have the speed, reliability, and the flexibility. Scale as your computing needs and business grows.